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ID Fraud

Should We All Worry About Identity Theft?

You may have noticed that the antagonists in Hollywood blockbusters have shifted from the muscled men of films such as “Terminator,” to the computer geeks like those in “Antitrust.” Why the sudden change in antagonists? It may be that Hollywood has figured out we’re now more likely to be a victim of the latter.

The FTC reports the number of identity and credit thefts has increased tremendously over the past 15 months. One high-profile case involved a New York busboy that was recently arrested for allegedly masterminding the largest identity theft in Internet history. Along with an accomplice, this tabletop scrubber was also an Internet whiz who used a complicated e-mail scheme to gain control of victims’ bank and credit card accounts. He was even able to sequester such self-identifying information as mothers’ maiden names and Social Security numbers.

The scariest part is that the victims were all recognizable celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, and Michael Eisner. If identity thieves are able to effectively target such high-profile consumers, imagine how easy it must be for them to snag identities from the average American.

0-CostCreditReport can help! Credit fraud and identity theft would be much more manageable if you knew you were being robbed. But both are silent crimes—thieves can take over your credit accounts, change your billing address, and apply for new credit under your name, all without you knowing for months!

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Hollywood always has its pulse on the heartbeat of America, and the new computer geek antagonist in today’s popular films is no different. There really are thieves out there who can steal your credit and identity without ever leaving their desktop. Although a foolproof prevention has yet to be discovered, the CreditCheck Monitoring Service is a good start—and might even help you foil a cyberspace thief from becoming the star of your reality.

If you feel you have been a victim of identity fraud, click here to find out what to do.